Luxury on a Budget Top 8 Best Above Ground Pools for 2024

Best above ground pools for 2024
Intex Ultra XTR Frame Check on Amazon
Intex 28211EH Check on Amazon
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Intex 26367EH Ultra XTR Check on Amazon
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As summer approaches, the idea of having a refreshing pool in your backyard becomes increasingly appealing. Above-ground pools are an excellent choice, offering affordability, easy installation, and a great way to enjoy water fun without the hassle of a permanent in-ground pool. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best above-ground pools available, highlighting their unique features and benefits to help you make an informed decision.

8. Funsicle 16 Foot Pool

The Funsicle Oasis Above Ground Swimming Pool Set is a fantastic option for those seeking value and size. This pool’s circular design maximizes backyard space while still providing ample room to accommodate up to eight people. Its easy-to-install click-and-go metal poles simplify the setup process. Additionally, the pool set includes special features that set it apart from others, such as a secure, removable ladder, which can be stored away to save space when the pool is not in use. The inclusion of a ground cloth helps keep the area underneath the pool clean, preventing dirt and debris from accumulating.

7. Bestway Steel Pro Max 14 Pool

The Bestway Steel Pro Max 14 Pool is a medium-sized above-ground pool known for its durable steel frame. This sturdy frame offers greater longevity compared to heavy-gauge plastic. Many online reviewers praise its solid construction and competitive price. One satisfied customer mentioned that the pool has remained in excellent condition even after three years, despite their dogs occasionally jumping on the sides. The pool comes with a filter pump, liner, ladder, and more, though some users have noted that a more powerful pump might be needed to clean the entire water volume effectively.

6. Intex 26367EH Ultra XTR Pool

The Intex 26367EH Ultra XTR Pool stands out due to its saltwater system, which reduces the need for chemical additives by converting salt into a healthier form of chlorine. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with sensitive skin. The pool is designed for easy setup and offers solid durability, thanks to its rust-resistant construction. It includes a 2,100-gallon-per-hour pump and other essential accessories. However, its large size requires ample space and a well-prepared location for installation.

5. Bestway Power Steel Pool

The Bestway Power Steel Pool is favored for its frame, which can be assembled by two or three people in about an hour. The curved corners of the frame make it easier to fit into small or landscaped yards and reduce the amount of water needed without compromising the pool’s circumference. With a capacity of 2,127 gallons, it holds less water than other pools of similar dimensions. The pool comes with a ladder, pump, filter, and chemical distributor, although it does not include a pool cover. Site preparation is necessary, but the durable materials and well-built components ensure longevity.

4. Toysical Inflatable Pool

For families with young children, the Toysical Inflatable Pool offers a safe and enjoyable option. Its 22-inch height is ideal for kids, while still being tall enough for adults to cool off. The pool can accommodate up to two parents and three or four children, making it a perfect family pool. Its compact size ensures it won’t take up the entire yard. The included air pump inflates the pool in just three minutes via double valves, and two in-floor drains make emptying it easy. Made from extra-thick PVC free of phthalates, lead, and BPA, the pool is designed to last, though punctures can occur if roughhousing gets too intense. To address this, the company provides three repair patches.

3. Bestway Steel Pro MAX 15 Pool

The Bestway Steel Pro MAX 15 Pool offers an excellent balance of size and price, making it a standout option under $500. Measuring 15 feet by 74 inches and holding just under 4,000 gallons, this pool provides plenty of space. It assembles easily with the FrameLink system, which doesn’t require tools but does recommend a helping hand. The durable three-ply liner ensures years of use. The pool comes with a pump, filter, ladder, and cover. Some users have reported difficulties with the pump hose attachment, but overall, customer service is responsive to any issues. This model is available in various sizes, but the 15 feet by 42 inches version offers the best value for the price.

2. Intex 28211EH Pool

The Intex 28211EH Pool is an excellent budget-friendly option. It shares many features with higher-end models, such as durability and ease of assembly. This pool is compact enough to fit in most yards while being large enough to accommodate a small group of children and adults. The included pump cycles 530 gallons per hour and features a ground fault circuit interrupter for safety. However, the power cable is short, so the pool needs to be placed near an electrical source. Assembly is straightforward, requiring a level, cleared, and compacted space. The pool fills quickly, taking roughly six hours compared to the 15 hours or more needed for larger pools.

1. Intex Ultra XTR Frame Outdoor Pool

Topping our list is the Intex Ultra XTR Frame Outdoor Pool, which combines all the desirable features of an above-ground pool. Available in three sizes, this rectangular pool is perfect for swimming laps and fits well in various backyard configurations. Its snap-together design makes assembly easy without the need for tools, though the installation site must be prepared by leveling, clearing, and compacting the ground. The pool package includes all essentials, such as a ground cover, ladder, pump, and pool cover. The sand filter pump operates at a flow rate of 1,600 gallons per hour, ensuring clean water. The pool’s frame and liner are highly durable and weatherproof, backed by a two-year warranty. While the included ladder could be more stable, it can be upgraded if needed. This pool promises many seasons of enjoyable swimming.

Buying Guide for Above-Ground Pools

Choosing the right above-ground pool can significantly enhance your backyard experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision.

Size and Shape

Consider Your Yard Size Measure your available space before purchasing. Make sure there’s enough room not just for the pool, but also for safe and comfortable movement around it.

Shape Matters Round pools generally take up less space and are easier to install, while rectangular pools are ideal for swimming laps and fit well in larger spaces.

Material and Durability

Frame Material Steel frames are more durable and sturdier than plastic ones. Look for rust-resistant coatings to ensure longevity.

Liner Quality Three-ply liners are preferred for their durability. Ensure the material is thick enough to withstand rough play and the elements.

Ease of Installation

Assembly Time Some pools are designed for quick and easy setup, requiring no tools. Pools with click-and-go metal poles or snap-together designs can save you significant time and effort.

Site Preparation Regardless of the pool’s design, proper site preparation is crucial. Ensure the ground is level, cleared of debris, and compacted for stability.

Filtration System

Pump Efficiency A good filtration system is essential for maintaining clean water. Check the pump’s flow rate and ensure it matches the pool size. Some pools come with a basic pump that might need upgrading for better performance.

Saltwater vs. Chlorine Saltwater systems reduce the need for chemical additives and are gentler on the skin. Consider this if you have sensitive skin or prefer a more natural swimming experience.

Additional Features

Included Accessories Many pools come with essential accessories like ladders, pumps, filters, and covers. Ensure the package includes what you need to avoid additional costs.

Safety Features Look for pools with removable ladders to prevent unsupervised access. Safety covers can also help keep the pool clean and prevent accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size pool should I get for my backyard?

The size of your pool should match the available space in your yard. Measure your area and consider how much room you need around the pool for safe access and use.

How long does it take to install an above-ground pool?

Installation time varies. Some pools with easy-setup designs can be ready in a couple of hours, while others might take a full day, especially if extensive site preparation is required.

What maintenance does an above-ground pool require?

Regular maintenance includes checking and adjusting the water’s pH levels, cleaning the filter, skimming debris from the surface, and occasionally vacuuming the bottom. A good filtration system can reduce the frequency of these tasks.

Can I leave my above-ground pool up year-round?

It depends on the pool’s design and your local climate. Some pools are built to withstand year-round exposure, while others should be disassembled during the off-season to prevent damage.

Are saltwater pools better than chlorine pools?

Saltwater pools can be gentler on the skin and eyes and require fewer chemical additives. However, they can be more expensive to set up initially. The choice depends on your personal preference and budget.

What should I do if my pool liner gets punctured?

Most inflatable pools come with repair patches for minor punctures. For more severe damage, you might need to replace the liner. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for repairs.

How do I keep my pool water clean?

Use the filtration system regularly, maintain proper chemical balance, and cover the pool when not in use to keep out debris. Regular skimming and vacuuming also help keep the water clean.

How long do above-ground pools last?

With proper maintenance, a good quality above-ground pool can last anywhere from 7 to 15 years. Regular checks and timely repairs can extend its lifespan.

Do I need a permit for an above-ground pool?

Permit requirements vary by location. Check with your local municipality to see if you need a permit before installing your pool.

What are the benefits of a removable ladder?

A removable ladder enhances safety by preventing unsupervised access to the pool, especially important if you have small children or pets.


Selecting the right above-ground pool involves considering various factors like size, material, installation ease, and additional features. Whether you prefer the spacious Funsicle 16 Foot Pool or the budget-friendly Intex 28211EH, there’s an option that will suit your needs and backyard perfectly. With proper care and maintenance, any of these pools can provide years of enjoyment. Dive into summer with confidence by choosing the ideal above-ground pool for your home.

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