Top 8 Best Monopods In 2024

best monopods 2024
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Selecting the perfect monopod is a critical decision for photographers and videographers aiming for stability and adaptability in their equipment. In this comprehensive review, we will thoroughly explore the top eight monopods currently available, evaluating their distinct features, strengths, and potential drawbacks. Ranging from the Avella A324D Monopod to the 3 Legged Thing Punks Monopod, each product offers a unique set of qualities to cater to diverse needs and preferences. Whether prioritizing portability, build quality, or innovative features, this guide aims to provide a detailed overview to facilitate an informed decision when investing in a monopod.

Avella A324D Monopod – Number 8:

The Avella A324D Monopod claims the eighth position, introducing a slimmer design without compromising functionality. Crafted from lightweight yet robust aluminum, it stands out for its fully locking mechanism, ensuring the camera’s security in challenging conditions. The monopod’s ability to handle weight effectively makes it an ideal choice for photographers seeking stability when capturing interesting shots or stabilizing a standard camera.

Ifootage Cobra 3 Monopod – Number 7:

Moving up to the seventh spot is the Ifootage Cobra 3 Monopod, applauded for its excellent build quality and enhanced stability compared to its predecessors. Designed with a mini-tripod-like structure, it facilitates low-angle shots and boasts a substantial weight capacity of 17 lbs. Despite its higher price tag, the Ifootage Cobra 3 justifies its cost with the flexibility it offers. Ideal for individuals frequently transitioning between video and photo shoots, this monopod has earned a noteworthy 4.9-star rating on Amazon.

Altura Phot Monopod – Number 6:

The Altura Phot Monopod secures the sixth position, recognized for its compact size and lightweight construction. With a collapsible length of approximately 16.75 inches and a mere weight of 10.5 ounces, it proves to be an excellent companion for travel and outdoor shooting. The inclusion of a bullhead mount adds versatility to the setup, although users need to be mindful of its slightly flimsy build. Despite this, the Altura Monopod functions effectively, providing stability through easy-to-use thumb snaps, making it a suitable choice for amateur sports photography.

Benro Adventure 4 Series Monopod – Number 5:

For individuals on the taller side or seeking extensive reach, the Benro Adventure 4 Series Monopod claims the fifth spot. Available in both aluminum and carbon fiber, it boasts an impressive 40-pound payload capacity, accommodating even the heaviest DSLRs and lenses. Weighing in at 1.85 lbs (aluminum) and 1.37 lbs (carbon fiber), these monopods offer a balance between strength and portability. Comprising five sections, they cater to users who prefer a taller support system, eliminating the need to stoop down for shots or rely on bulky tripods.

Sirui P-306 Monopod – Number 4:

The Sirui P-306 Monopod secures the fourth position, standing out as a budget-friendly yet robust option. Priced under $60, this monopod weighs a mere 1.1 pounds but can carry an impressive 17.6 pounds of weight. Its well-built structure instills confidence in users, and the twist locks offer added security against accidental disengagement. With six sections, it extends to a maximum height of 60.6 inches, catering to a wide range of users, making it a compelling choice for those seeking value for money.

Manfrotto Element Monopod – Number 3:

The Manfrotto Element Monopod, positioned at number three, distinguishes itself with a focus on being lightweight and affordable. Weighing a mere 0.5 kg, it can support up to 8 kg of equipment. While lacking some advanced features, its simplicity is complemented by a reasonable price point, making it an appealing option for photographers and videographers on the move. The stylish red finish adds a touch of aesthetics to this reliable monopod from Manfrotto.

Moza Slypod Pro Monopod – Number 2:

Claiming the second spot is the Moza Slypod Pro Monopod, an innovative 2-in-1 slider-come-monopod. Building upon its predecessor, the Slypod Pro offers increased power and detachable tripod feet, allowing for vertical use as a tripod or a tri-foot monopod. With motorized extension capabilities, users can regulate the speed between 0.5mm/s and 40mm/s, catering to diverse shooting styles. While more focused on videography, the Slypod Pro justifies its higher price tag with its versatility and functionality, making it an excellent investment for video enthusiasts.

3 Legged Thing Punks Monopod – Number 1:

Securing the top spot is the 3 Legged Thing Punks Monopod, specifically the Trent 2.0 from the Punks 2.0 range. This monopod stands out for its towering height, extending to over two meters. With a robust construction capable of supporting up to 30 kg, the Trent 2.0 addresses the needs of users with sizable setups. Redesigned leg locks ensure easy operation even in cold conditions, adding to the overall user-friendly experience. While it may be bulkier when packed down, the 3 Legged Thing Punks Trent 2.0 remains an excellent choice for those prioritizing height and support in their monopod selection.

Buying Guide for Monopods

Consider Your Photography/Videography Style:

Before selecting a monopod, assess your photography or videography style. If you frequently switch between video and photo shoots, consider a versatile option like the Moza Slypod Pro. For outdoor and travel photographers, compact and lightweight choices such as the Altura Phot Monopod might be more suitable.

Weight Capacity Matters:

Ensure the monopod you choose can handle the weight of your camera and lens. The Benro Adventure 4 Series Monopod, with a 40-pound payload capacity, is suitable for heavy DSLRs and lenses. For a budget-friendly yet robust choice, the Sirui P-306 Monopod can handle an impressive 17.6 pounds.

Portability and Size:

If portability is a priority, opt for a monopod with a collapsible design. The Avella A324D Monopod offers a slimmer body, making it easy to carry. Similarly, the Manfrotto Element Monopod is designed to be lightweight and compact, making it convenient for on-the-go photographers.

Versatility with Innovative Features:

Consider if you need additional features. The Moza Slypod Pro stands out with motorized extension capabilities, providing versatility for videographers. For those who desire a multi-functional option, the Ifootage Cobra 3 Monopod can be used as a mini tripod for low-angle shots.

Build Quality and Material:

The material and build quality impact the monopod’s durability. The Benro Adventure 4 Series Monopod comes in both aluminum and carbon fiber, offering strength without excessive weight. The 3 Legged Thing Punks Monopod, particularly the Trent 2.0, boasts robust construction to support substantial camera setups.

Locking Mechanisms:

Evaluate the locking mechanisms of the monopod. The Avella A324D Monopod features a fully locking mechanism for added security, ensuring your camera stays in place even in challenging conditions. On the other hand, the Sirui P-306 Monopod utilizes twist locks, providing a secure hold.

Budget Considerations:

Determine your budget and find a monopod that aligns with it. The Sirui P-306 Monopod offers a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality, making it an excellent choice for those seeking value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which monopod is best for travel photography?

For travel photography, a lightweight and compact monopod are essential. The Altura Phot Monopod, with its collapsible length of 16.75 inches and weight of 10.5 ounces, is an ideal choice for travel enthusiasts.

Are monopods suitable for video recording?

Yes, monopods can be suitable for video recording, especially if they come with features like the Moza Slypod Pro’s motorized extension capabilities. This allows for smooth and controlled movements, enhancing the quality of video footage.

What is the importance of weight capacity in a monopod?

The weight capacity of a monopod determines how much weight it can support, including the camera and any attached accessories. Choosing a monopod with an appropriate weight capacity ensures stability and prevents the risk of equipment damage.

Can a monopod replace a tripod?

While monopods offer stability, they may not entirely replace tripods, especially in situations that require prolonged stability. Tripods are generally more stable but can be bulkier. Monopods are a practical compromise, offering support without the added weight and size.

How do twist locks compare to flip locks in monopods?

Twist locks, as seen in the Sirui P-306 Monopod, provide a secure hold and prevent accidental disengagement. While they may not extend or retract as quickly as flip locks, they offer additional peace of mind, making them suitable for users who prioritize stability.

Is the Moza Slypod Pro suitable for still photography?

The Moza Slypod Pro is primarily designed for videography, offering motorized extension capabilities. While it may have limited use for still photography, its real strength lies in being a versatile slider or jib arm for shooting high-quality videos.

What makes the 3 Legged Thing Punks Trent 2.0 suitable for tall users?

The 3 Legged Thing Punks Trent 2.0’s towering height, extending to over two meters, caters to users who are taller than average. This eliminates the need for users to stoop down while shooting, providing added comfort during prolonged use.

Can the Ifootage Cobra 3 Monopod handle a full-frame camera with a large zoom lens?

Yes, the Ifootage Cobra 3 Monopod is capable of handling a full-frame camera with a large f/2.8 zoom lens attached. With its weight capacity of 17 lbs, it provides stability for such setups, making it suitable for users with heavier camera configurations.


In the dynamic world of monopods, understanding your specific needs and preferences is crucial. From considerations like weight capacity and portability to the innovative features offered by different models, the buying guide aims to assist users in making informed decisions. The FAQs address common queries, ensuring users have a comprehensive understanding of monopods before making a purchase. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can choose the monopod that best complements your photography or videography style, enhancing the overall quality of your creative pursuits.

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