Clean with Confidence Best Mops for Laminate Floors In 2024 Reviewed

Best mops for laminate floor in 2024
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In the quest for an efficient floor cleaning solution, a myriad of mop options floods the market, each tailored to meet specific needs. From the versatile Bona Premium Microfiber Mop securing the eighth spot to the innovative Shark AI Robot Mop claiming the seventh position, a range of features and functionalities cater to diverse preferences. The sixth contender, the Bissell Cross Wave Mop, combines vacuuming and mopping for a comprehensive floor care approach.

As we ascend the list, the 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop at number five stands out with its flexibility in addressing various cleaning needs. O-Cedar Pro Mist Max Mop takes the fourth spot, offering a compact spray option with a design that emphasizes convenience. The third-ranking Bona Hardwood Mop provides a space-saving solution, perfect for those with limited storage.

A budget-friendly Spray Mop claims the second position, featuring affordability and adaptability for laminate floors. Finally, the O-Cedar Easy Wring Mop clinches the top spot, presenting a classic spin mop designed for simplicity and effectiveness. This comprehensive guide explores each mop’s unique attributes, ensuring you can make an informed decision based on your specific cleaning requirements.

Bona Premium Microfiber Mop (Number 8):

The Bona Premium Microfiber Mop, positioned at number eight, emerges as an all-encompassing solution for floor cleaning needs. Boasting two washable and interchangeable microfiber pads, it facilitates both dry and wet cleaning. The fluffy pad, equipped with short and long fibers, adeptly picks up dust, pet hair, and debris during dry cleaning. Transitioning to wet cleaning, the low looped pad, with scrubber strips, tackles stubborn grime while efficiently absorbing and locking it away.

The 16.5-inch mop head, known for its maneuverability, features soft, flexible corners to prevent damage to woodwork and cabinets. In GH Cleaning Lab tests, Bona mops have proven highly maneuverable and user-friendly. The telescoping aluminum handle adds to its appeal, providing a lightweight and adjustable option for users of varying heights. The durability of the washable pads, even after repeated use, makes the Bona Premium Microfiber Mop a cost-effective and do-it-all choice for floor maintenance.

Shark AI Robot Mop (Number 7):

For those averse to manual mopping, the Shark AI Robot Mop at number seven offers a hands-free alternative. This robot vacuum and mop combo, inclusive of the actual robot unit, a charging dock, washable microfiber mop pads, a filter, and a cleaning brush, streamlines the cleaning process. The robot autonomously vacuums larger debris before seamlessly transitioning to mopping, spraying the front and allowing the mop pad to pick up dirt efficiently. While the initial investment is significant, the Shark AI Ultra robot minimizes user effort, requiring only occasional setup and maintenance. Its rechargeable capabilities ensure 90 minutes of continuous cleaning, making it a valuable addition to automated household cleaning solutions.

Bissell Cross Wave Mop (Number 6):

Incorporating both vacuuming and mopping functionalities, the Bissell Cross Wave Mop secures the sixth position with its efficiency and versatility. The removable roller head and water tank, compatible with cleaning solutions, eliminate the need for a separate vacuuming step. Suitable for hard floors and area rugs, this wet/dry vacuum offers a multi-purpose cleaning solution. While the Bissell Cross Wave is not ideal for vertical use, given its weight, it compensates with its ability to handle diverse floor types. Despite the need for a standard power outlet, the convenience of a wet/dry vacuum makes it a valuable investment for comprehensive floor care.

18″ Professional Microfiber Mop (Number 5):

Addressing varied cleaning needs, the Microfiber Wholesale Mop System, ranking at number five, stands out for its adaptable design. Equipped with two washable mop pads—a microfiber pad for larger dirt and dust and a flat mop pad for general cleaning—it offers a cost-effective alternative by eliminating the need for frequent pad replacements. While manual scrubbing may be required for stubborn messes, the system’s flexibility allows for dry sweeping and wet cleaning with a cleaning solution or water. The option to customize the cleaning solution enhances its versatility, making it a practical choice for users with diverse cleaning requirements.

O-Cedar Pro Mist Max Mop (Number 4):

Taking the fourth position, the O-Cedar Pro Mist Max Mop combines ease of use with a compact spray option. The textured microfiber effectively cleans dirt, and the removable, machine-washable pads ensure convenience. While the standard set includes one microfiber pad, it is advisable to have multiple pads for continuous use. The option to use water or a personal cleaning solution makes it suitable for various floor types. The compact design and compatibility with a range of cleaning agents establish the O-Cedar Pro Mist Max Mop as a practical choice for everyday cleaning tasks.

Bona Hardwood Mop (Number 3):

For those with space constraints, the Bona Hardwood Mop claims the third spot with its compact and wall-mountable design. The swiveling mop head, coupled with the inclusion of 34 ounces of Bona cleaning solution, caters specifically to hardwood and laminate floors. The convenience of a wall-hanging feature ensures easy accessibility while maintaining a clutter-free storage space. While the provided Bona cleaning solution is suitable, users can opt for alternative solutions by rinsing the reservoir tank thoroughly. This mop’s simplicity and space-saving attributes make it a practical choice for those seeking an unobtrusive cleaning solution.

Spray Mop (Number 2):

Positioned at number two, the budget-friendly Spray Mop offers an affordable yet effective solution, particularly suitable for laminate floors. With a refillable reservoir, users can customize the cleaning solution or use water as needed. The inclusion of three washable microfiber pads, coupled with a 360-degree swiveling mop head, enhances its adaptability. However, occasional maintenance, such as cleaning the spray nozzle, ensures optimal functionality. The versatility to extend its use to vertical surfaces, such as windows and shower walls, adds to the overall value of the Spray Mop.

O-Cedar Easy Wring Mop (Number 1):

Claiming the top spot, the O-Cedar Easy Wring Mop presents a classic spin mop that excels in simplicity and effectiveness. The comprehensive package includes a bucket, mop handle, and microfiber mop head. The foot pedal on the bucket eliminates the need for manual wringing, enhancing user convenience. The microfiber material’s fine strands efficiently pick up dirt and debris without the need for harsh chemicals, making it suitable for various flooring types. Its design, allowing easy access to hard-to-reach corners, further solidifies its position as an ideal choice for almost every mopping scenario. The O-Cedar Easy Wring Mop’s emphasis on user-friendly features and effective cleaning capabilities distinguishes it as a top-tier option in the realm of floor maintenance.

Buying Guide for the Perfect Mop:

Choosing the right mop for your cleaning needs can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your floor care routine. Here’s a comprehensive buying guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. Identify Your Cleaning Needs:

Before delving into the myriad of mop options, assess your specific cleaning requirements. Are you looking for a versatile solution for various floor types, or do you have a specific flooring material that requires special attention? Understanding your needs will guide you towards the most suitable mop.

2. Consider Floor Types:

Different mops cater to various floor types, including hardwood, laminate, tile, and more. Ensure the mop you choose is compatible with your flooring to prevent any potential damage. For example, the Bona Hardwood Mop is specifically designed for hardwood and laminate, offering a tailored cleaning solution.

3. Maneuverability and Storage:

Mops that are easy to maneuver and store add to the overall convenience of your cleaning routine. Consider features such as swiveling mop heads, telescoping handles, and compact designs. The Bona Premium Microfiber Mop and Bona Hardwood Mop are examples of mops that prioritize user-friendly design.

4. Wet and Dry Cleaning:

Evaluate whether you need a mop that caters to both wet and dry cleaning. The Bissell Cross Wave Mop, for instance, combines vacuuming and mopping for a comprehensive floor care approach, eliminating the need for separate steps.

5. Maintenance and Durability:

Look for mops with washable and reusable pads to save on replacement costs. Additionally, assess the durability of the mop and its components. The longevity of the Bona mops, as highlighted in GH Cleaning Lab tests, attests to their reliability.

6. Automation and Convenience:

For those seeking hands-free cleaning solutions, automated options like the Shark AI Robot Mop offer a time-saving and efficient alternative. Consider factors such as rechargeable capabilities and maintenance requirements.

7. Budget-Friendly Options:

If cost is a significant consideration, explore budget-friendly options like the Spray Mop. Despite affordability, these mops often offer practical features and adaptability, making them suitable for a range of users.

8. Cleaning Solution Compatibility:

Check whether the mop is compatible with your preferred cleaning solutions. Some mops, like the O-Cedar Pro Mist Max Mop, allow users to choose between water and cleaning solutions, offering flexibility based on the cleaning task at hand.


Q: Can I use the Bona Premium Microfiber Mop on different floor types?

A: Yes, the Bona Premium Microfiber Mop is designed for various floor types, including hardwood, stone, vinyl, and laminate. Its interchangeable pads cater to both dry and wet cleaning needs.

Q: How long does the Shark AI Robot Mop last on a single charge?

A: The Shark AI Robot Mop provides approximately 90 minutes of continuous cleaning on a full recharge, offering an extended cleaning session before needing to return to the charging dock.

Q: Is the Bissell Cross Wave Mop suitable for vertical surfaces?

A: The Bissell Cross Wave Mop is primarily designed for horizontal surfaces like hard floors and area rugs. It may not be the best choice for vertical use, such as on walls or windows.

Q: Can I use the O-Cedar Easy Wring Mop on all floor types?

A: Yes, the O-Cedar Easy Wring Mop is suitable for almost every floor type. Its microfiber material effectively picks up dirt and debris without the need for harsh chemicals, making it versatile for different flooring materials.

Q: How often do I need to replace the pads on the Spray Mop?

A: The Spray Mop comes with three washable microfiber pads that can be reused multiple times. The frequency of replacement depends on usage and the level of dirt, but the washable pads contribute to cost savings.

Q: Is the O-Cedar Pro Mist Max Mop compatible with cleaning solutions?

A: Yes, the O-Cedar Pro Mist Max Mop allows users to fill the tank with water or their preferred cleaning solution. This feature enhances its adaptability for different cleaning tasks and floor types.

Q: Can I use the 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop for sticky messes?

A: While the dust pad of the 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop is designed for dry sweeping of larger particles, the flat mop pad can be used with a cleaning solution or water for tackling sticky messes.

Q: How does the O-Cedar Hardwood Mop save space?

A: The Bona Hardwood Mop is designed with a swiveling mop head that can lay flat when stored. Additionally, it features a hook on the handle for easy wall hanging, maximizing space efficiency.

In conclusion, finding the perfect mop involves considering your unique cleaning needs, floor types, and desired features. Whether you prioritize automation, versatility, or budget-friendliness, the diverse options on the market cater to various preferences, ensuring an optimal solution for every household.

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