Best Nano Leaf Alternatives in 2024 Ultimate LED Light Comparison

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In the realm of smart lighting, where innovation and versatility play pivotal roles, it’s essential to explore alternative options beyond the well-known Nanoleaf panels. This list will take you on a journey through eight intriguing alternatives, each offering unique features and characteristics to light up your living space. From Govee’s Neon Nano Leaf with its flexible neon rope lights to Lifx Beam Nano Leaf, a smart light strip with device integration, and the portable Rottyi LED Night Lights, we’ll explore the diverse world of lighting solutions. So, let’s embark on this illuminating adventure to discover options that cater to various preferences and requirements.

1. Govee Glide Hexa Nano Leaf

Our journey begins with Govee Glide Hexa Panels, a compelling alternative to the traditional Nanoleaf offerings. The most apparent distinction is their hexagonal shape, setting them apart from the classic triangular panels. However, these smart light panels have more to offer beyond their unique design.

Physically, the Govee Glide Hexa panels are a high-quality option with the capability to display up to six colors per panel. This is made possible by the presence of multiple LEDs within each panel. Moreover, the transparent plastic shells of these panels allow the light to shine back onto the wall, creating a delightful ambient effect. The visual appeal of these hexagonal lights is undoubtedly a strong selling point.

When it comes to device integration, the Govee Glide Hexa panels have some limitations. They primarily connect to the Govee home app, which may lack the extensive compatibility of Nanoleaf. However, the Govee app compensates for this with an array of customization options. It lets users choose from preset and custom lighting modes, ranging from static displays to animated effects and music synchronization. The app also provides a centralized control hub for all Govee lighting products, simplifying the management of your lighting setup. While the integration options may be narrower, the Govee Glide Hexa panels make up for it with their robust app capabilities.

2. Yescom App Control Nano Leaf

Yescom’s hexagonal LED kit stands out for several reasons. First and foremost, it departs from the traditional triangular design, opting for a hexagonal shape instead. Additionally, Yescom offers the flexibility of purchasing different quantities of panels and even a stand for creating a customized RGB desk lamp, making it a versatile choice.

However, there is a significant caveat to consider with the wall-mounted option. Yescom’s hexagonal lights utilize wall-mounted brackets that require permanent screwing, which may be a bit extreme for those hesitant to drill holes for LED panels. This differs from the tape or adhesive pad mounting options provided by other wall lights. While the permanent mounting ensures stability, it may not align with everyone’s preferences.

In terms of device integration, Yescom’s hexagonal lights are compatible with standard options. Users can control and customize the panels using the Yescom mobile app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. Voice control is facilitated through the smartphone app or a microphone on the USB cable. Furthermore, the lights offer features like auto shutoff, music synchronization, and dimming, enhancing the overall user experience. Despite the permanent mounting requirement, Yescom’s hexagonal lights provide a range of features to explore and enjoy.

3. Koozam Smart Wall Nano Leaf

The Koozam Smart Wall LED Light Panels are an affordable alternative for those seeking a Nanoleaf-like experience without breaking the bank. Their triangular shape closely resembles the Nanoleaf panels, making them an attractive choice for those who appreciate the aesthetic appeal of the original design.

However, it’s important to note that Koozam’s panels do come with some limitations when compared to the premium features of Nanoleaf. For instance, you won’t find features like screen mirroring or layout detection, which are characteristic of Nanoleaf’s high-end panels. Nonetheless, given the lower price point, these omissions are acceptable.

Koozam’s smart light panels offer modest software integration. They are compatible with Koozam’s dedicated app, as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This integration provides users with voice control and a music reactive mode, enhancing the versatility of the panels.

In summary, the Koozam Smart Wall LED light panels present a competent and budget-friendly alternative to Nanoleaf. While they may not offer the same level of innovation, they come remarkably close to replicating the visual appeal of the Nanoleaf lights while keeping costs in check.

4. Rottyi 6 Pack Nano Leaf

Rottyi’s LED Night Lights introduce a unique selling point among Nanoleaf alternatives – they are completely portable. Each triangle-shaped light is powered by three batteries, eliminating the need for connector strips to distribute power. This portability offers great flexibility in arranging the lights, making them ideal for various lighting configurations.

Additionally, Rottyi’s LED Night Lights feature a magnetic mounting solution, which is particularly convenient for those looking to attach the lights to metal surfaces, such as a PC case. However, it’s important to note that these lights do not offer smart capabilities or app integration. Consequently, features like voice control and sound-reactive modes are not available. Instead, users can control the lights using a functional remote and touch controls.

The standout feature of these lights is their affordability. Even when factoring in the cost of batteries, they remain a cost-effective lighting solution. As long as you don’t require voice control through platforms like Alexa, these lights are a practical and budget-friendly choice.

5. Lifx Beam Nano Leaf

The Lifx Beam Nano Leaf competitor from LIFX is a smart light strip with a focus on device and hardware integration. Lifx Beam LED strips are designed to accent and outline various elements in your living space, including paintings, walls, desks, and other furniture.

One notable advantage of the Lifx Beam Lights is their shape, which enables a seamless transition between decorative RGB lighting and functional work lighting. This is a unique feature, as larger and more attention-grabbing panels may be less suited for such versatility.

However, it’s important to acknowledge the drawback of the Lifx Beam lights – their price. The Lifx Beam lights can be relatively expensive, especially when considering the number of lights included in each package. The default package includes six bars and one 90-degree angle connector per set, which may result in a significant cost for extensive installations.

In terms of device and software integration, Lifx Beam lights provide a rich array of options. In addition to the standard trio of a mobile app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, these lights offer a wide range of device compatibility. However, the higher price point may be a limiting factor for budget-conscious consumers.

6. Govee Glide Nano Leaf

Govee Glide light bars break away from the geometric wall-hanger trend, presenting an alternative approach to creating lighting patterns. Thanks to their tubular design, these elongated lights are suitable for straight-lined geometric patterns or for accenting photos and furniture. Govee Glide lights are available in two package options: six bars with one corner piece or eight bars with four corners. Both options are reasonably priced, especially when compared to traditional flat panel alternatives.

One of the strengths of Govee Glide lights lies in their lighting effects. Users can choose from over 64 different lighting scenes, along with the standard static display. These lights have the capability to display up to 55 colors simultaneously out of a total of 16 million, allowing for vivid and dynamic color schemes.

Music enthusiasts will appreciate that these bars are also music reactive, featuring 11 different music-reactive modes accessible through the Govee app. In terms of device integration, Govee Glide Light Bars are compatible with the Govee Home app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, providing users with various control options and customization capabilities.

Overall, the Govee Glide Light Bars are an excellent choice for those seeking quality and unique lighting solutions. Their versatility, affordability, and captivating lighting effects make them a strong competitor in the smart lighting market.

7. Govee Neon Nano Leaf

The Govee Neon Nano Leaf offers an innovative twist on traditional LED strips. While LED panels are versatile for many applications, they may not always conform to non-90-degree angles or curved patterns. This is where Govee’s Neon Rope Lights come into play, providing a flexible and dynamic lighting solution.

The standout feature of Govee Neon Rope Lights is their flexibility. These RGBIC lights can bend around objects and create curved patterns that standard LED panels cannot achieve. This unique feature sets the Govee Neon Rope Lights apart from the competition.

To complement their flexibility, Govee has equipped these lights with a comprehensive set of features accessible through the Govee software. Users can explore a wide range of animated and static lighting effects across a spectrum of 16 million colors. The lights offer 64 preset scene modes, numerous animated effects, 11 music modes, and even a timer feature. Managing and customizing these features is made simple through compatibility with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and the Govee Home app.

While the Govee Neon Rope Lights may not be the traditional modular panels that many envision, their uniqueness and flexibility make them a compelling alternative for those seeking unconventional lighting solutions.

8. Cololight Hexagon Nano Leaf

Number 8 on our list is the Cololight Hexagon Nano Leaf, an offering from Lifesmart, a brand known for its products designed to enhance home aesthetics through innovative lighting solutions. The Cololight Hexagon Nano Leaf stands out as a popular choice among Lifesmart’s offerings, featuring instant voice and app control as its central feature.

This lighting kit is equipped with a dedicated phone app and can be controlled via Wi-Fi. Its compatibility extends to popular voice assistants, including Google Home, Alexa, Cortana, and Apple HomeKit, making it one of the most versatile options on the market. Users have the freedom to control the light’s color and brightness intensity through the Cololight app.

It’s worth noting that the Cololight Hexagon Nano Leaf comes in two versions: Plus and Pro. The Plus version offers compatibility with a wide range of devices, including Apple HomeKit and Alexa Assistant. In contrast, the Pro version has limitations in terms of device compatibility, supporting only Google and Alexa Assistant.

In summary, the Cololight Hexagon Nano Leaf presents an intriguing alternative with its versatile control options and modular design. Its compatibility with popular voice assistants and smartphone app control enhances the overall user experience, making it a noteworthy addition to the list of Nano leaf alternatives.

Choosing the Right Nanoleaf Alternative: A Buying Guide

When it comes to illuminating your living space, the world of smart lighting offers a multitude of options. While Nanoleaf panels are well-known for their innovative designs and features, there are also several compelling alternatives to consider. In this buying guide, we’ll explore the key factors to keep in mind when choosing the right Nanoleaf alternative. We’ll also address some frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

Consider Your Design Preferences

When selecting a Nanoleaf alternative, one of the first considerations is the design of the lighting solution. Do you prefer geometric shapes, such as triangles or hexagons, or are you looking for a more flexible and dynamic lighting option?

Design preferences play a significant role in your choice. If you’re drawn to the classic Nanoleaf triangular panels, options like Koozam Smart Wall LED Light Panels closely mimic this aesthetic. Alternatively, if you desire a unique hexagonal shape, the Govee Glide Hexa Panels offer a fresh take on smart lighting design. For those seeking a more flexible approach, alternatives like Govee’s Neon Rope Lights or Rottyi LED Night Lights offer a variety of creative possibilities.

Device and App Integration

How important is device and app integration to you? Do you wish to control your smart lighting through voice assistants or mobile apps?

Device and app integration can greatly enhance the usability of your smart lighting. If you prefer seamless integration with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, options like Govee Glide Hexa Panels and Cololight Hexagon Nano Leaf provide robust compatibility. On the other hand, if you prioritize affordability and don’t require extensive app integration, Rottyi LED Night Lights are a cost-effective choice. Evaluate your preferences in this regard to make an informed decision.

Lighting Features and Effects

Are you looking for a wide range of lighting effects, such as animated scenes, music synchronization, and customizable color schemes?

The lighting features and effects offered by Nanoleaf alternatives can vary significantly. If you seek dynamic lighting with a plethora of options, Govee Glide Light Bars and Lifx Beam Nano Leaf deliver a rich array of effects, from music-reactive modes to customizable scenes. However, if you favor simplicity and affordability, options like Koozam Smart Wall LED Light Panels provide a more straightforward approach. Consider the kind of lighting experience you desire to select the right alternative.

Price and Budget

What is your budget for smart lighting? Are you looking for an affordable option, or are you willing to invest in a premium lighting solution?

Price and budget considerations are essential. While premium alternatives like Lifx Beam Nano Leaf offer extensive features and integration, they come at a higher cost. Conversely, options such as Rottyi LED Night Lights and Koozam Smart Wall LED Light Panels provide budget-friendly choices. Evaluate your budget constraints and prioritize features accordingly.


What are the key considerations when choosing a Nanoleaf alternative?

When choosing a Nanoleaf alternative, consider factors such as design preferences, device and app integration, lighting features, and your budget. Your choice should align with your aesthetic preferences, the level of integration you desire, the lighting effects you seek, and your budget constraints.

Are there alternatives to Nanoleaf that offer unique designs?

Yes, there are alternatives that offer unique designs. For example, Govee Glide Hexa Panels feature a hexagonal shape, setting them apart from the classic triangular panels. If you’re seeking flexibility, Govee’s Neon Rope Lights and Rottyi LED Night Lights offer creative options for dynamic lighting.

What are the advantages of device and app integration in smart lighting alternatives?

Device and app integration enhances the usability of smart lighting alternatives. It allows you to control your lights through voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as customize lighting effects, scenes, and colors through dedicated mobile apps. This integration provides convenience and versatility in managing your smart lighting.

Do Nanoleaf alternatives come with a variety of lighting effects?

Yes, many Nanoleaf alternatives offer a wide range of lighting effects. Options like Govee Glide Light Bars and Lifx Beam Nano Leaf provide animated scenes, music synchronization, and customizable color schemes. These effects allow you to create dynamic and immersive lighting experiences.

How do I choose the right Nanoleaf alternative if I have a limited budget?

If you have a limited budget, consider more affordable options like Rottyi LED Night Lights and Koozam Smart Wall LED Light Panels. These alternatives offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on basic smart lighting features. Evaluate your budget and prioritize essential features to find the right fit.


Selecting the ideal Nanoleaf alternative involves careful consideration of design preferences, device and app integration, lighting features, and budget constraints. Your choice should align with your unique aesthetic and functional requirements. By exploring the diverse range of alternatives available, you can find the perfect smart lighting solution to illuminate and enhance your living space.

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