Top 8 Best Under Desk Bikes for 2024 Revealed

best under desk bikes 2024
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In the contemporary era, characterized by sedentary lifestyles and desk-bound work, the importance of staying physically active has become increasingly evident. Recognizing this challenge, various under desk bikes have emerged as innovative solutions to seamlessly incorporate physical activity into daily routines.

This comprehensive review explores the top eight under desk bikes available in the market, shedding light on their unique features, ease of use, and overall performance. From compact designs to multifunctional options, these under desk bikes offer a diverse range of solutions to cater to different preferences and fitness goals, empowering individuals to stay active regardless of their daily commitments.

1. Flexispot Home Office Under Desk Bike:

Topping our list is the Flexispot Home Office Height Adjustable Cycle Desk Bike, an exceptional two-in-one design that seamlessly integrates an exercise bike with a standing desk. While it stands as the most expensive option, its dual functionality and outstanding performance make it a compelling investment. The easy assembly process, adjustable features, smooth and silent ride, and sturdy build contribute to its high rating of 4.8 out of 5 for performance. Furthermore, the inclusion of a cup holder, spacious workspace, adjustable resistance levels, and a battery-powered tracker enhances its appeal, providing users with a versatile solution for both work and workouts.

In addition to its functionality, the unique design allows users to use the opposite end of the seat as a standing desk when a break from pedaling is needed. Despite the slightly uncomfortable seat, users can adapt to it over time, enabling comfortable sitting for up to 30 minutes before requiring a break.

2. Vaunn Medical Under Desk Bike:

For those seeking an economical yet effective under desk exerciser, the Vaunn Medical Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser stands out as an excellent choice. Its lightweight design and foldable legs make it particularly suitable for individuals looking for a portable option to integrate into their daily routines. While the setup is straightforward, achieving optimal ergonomic positioning may take some time. Despite challenges in typing and focusing during pedaling, this bike is recommended for hands-free activities such as calls, reading, or watching TV. The inclusion of an LCD screen for tracking metrics and a stabilizing strap adds practicality to its design.

3. Stamina Inmotion E1000 Under Desk Bike:

The Stamina InMotion E1000 Elliptical distinguishes itself with its smooth and sturdy operation, coupled with easily adjustable resistance. Notably, its compatibility with the müüv smart audio coaching app enhances the overall user experience. The app provides an assembly guide video, personalized audio workouts, and integration with iHeartRadio. While the LCD monitor’s display may be slightly dark, the wide and textured pedals ensure a secure grip during pedaling. While the option to use the elliptical while standing upright is available, our tester does not recommend it due to stability and comfort concerns.

4. DeskCycle Under Desk Bike:

Maintaining focus during calls or in the office is a priority, and the DeskCycle Under Desk Bike is designed to provide a whisper-quiet, super-smooth, and reliably stable exercising experience. With a setup time of under 15 minutes, this bike allows for distraction-free pedaling. However, its design may be too tall for shorter desks, necessitating adjustments to achieve a comfortable posture. The removable LCD display for easy stat-tracking while working adds to its convenience, though it might pose challenges for some users due to its design.

5. DeskCycle Ellipse Under Desk Bike:

Renowned for its smooth and quiet operation, the DeskCycle Ellipse Under Desk Elliptical stands out among elliptical-style under desk machines. With a setup time of under 10 minutes, this elliptical fits perfectly under desks without requiring uncomfortable chair adjustments. While the LCD display is small and not backlit, the elliptical’s quiet operation was exemplified when our tester used it during a Zoom meeting without the other party noticing. Although the tracker does not store stats, it is compatible with Fitbit and Apple Watch for seamless long-term data tracking.

6. LifePro 3-in-1 Under Desk Bike:

Offering a more versatile under desk exercising experience, the LifePro FlexCycle Exercise Bike includes resistance bands and both arm and foot pedals, catering to both lower and upper-body workouts. Despite a slightly frustrating 45-minute setup time, our tester praised the bike for its quality performance and ample features. The ability to use it during various activities like calls, reading, or watching television enhances its appeal, making it a valuable addition to a fitness routine.

7. Orbitrek MX Under Desk Bike:

The Orbitrek MX Motorized Under-Desk Elliptical Machine stands out for its motorized design, providing a smooth and stable workout experience. Despite its higher price point, the machine’s quality performance, pre-programmed workouts, and motorized functionality make it worth the investment. Fully assembled and ready to use, the elliptical offers five resistance levels, accommodating users at different fitness levels. The easy-to-read digital monitor and the option for assisted motorized movement in some pre-programmed workouts add to the machine’s overall appeal.

8. Himlay Under Desk Bike:

Completing the list is the Himlay Under Desk Bike, a mini bike trainer designed to revitalize arms or legs effortlessly. With adjustable resistance levels, an LCD screen for personalized tracking, and a choice of vibrant colors, this compact bike trainer offers a seamless solution for enhancing fitness routines. Whether the goal is to build strength, recover from an injury, or simply stay active, the versatile trainer accommodates various needs. Its compact size allows for convenient use in different spaces, providing personalized workouts at your fingertips.

Buying Guide for Under Desk Bikes: Enhancing Your Active Lifestyle

In the quest for a healthier and more active lifestyle, under desk bikes have emerged as versatile solutions, providing the convenience of exercise in various settings. Choosing the right under desk bike involves considering key factors that align with your preferences and requirements. This buying guide aims to provide insights into the essential aspects to consider when selecting the perfect under desk bike for your needs.

1. Dual Functionality and Design:

When seeking an under desk bike, consider whether you prioritize a standalone exercise bike or a dual-functionality design that integrates both a bike and a standing desk. Options like the Flexispot Home Office Under Desk Bike provide versatility for work and workouts.

2. Ease of Assembly:

The ease of assembly is a crucial factor, especially for those with limited time or minimal technical skills. Look for under desk bikes that offer straightforward assembly processes, such as the Vaunn Medical Under Desk Bike, which comes almost entirely assembled.

3. Noise Level and Disturbance:

Maintaining focus during work or calls requires a quiet under desk bike. Opt for models like the DeskCycle Under Desk Bike, known for its whisper-quiet operation, ensuring a disturbance-free environment.

4. Portability and Storage:

If space is a concern, choose a bike with a lightweight and portable design. The Vaunn Medical Under Desk Bike, with its foldable legs and lightweight structure, stands out for its easy portability.

5. Adjustable Resistance Levels:

Consider under desk bikes that offer adjustable resistance levels, allowing you to tailor the intensity of your workouts. Both the Flexispot Home Office and Orbitrek MX Under Desk Bikes provide multiple resistance options for varied fitness levels.

6. Multimedia Integration:

Some under desk bikes come equipped with multimedia integration, such as the Stamina InMotion E1000, which can connect to smart audio coaching apps. This feature can enhance your workout experience with guided workouts and entertainment options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are under desk bikes suitable for everyone?

Under desk bikes are generally suitable for a wide range of individuals, including those with desk-bound jobs, fitness enthusiasts, or those recovering from injuries. However, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional if you have pre-existing health conditions.

Can under desk bikes be used while working?

Yes, the majority of under desk bikes are designed to be used while working at a desk. Models like the DeskCycle Under Desk Bike and Flexispot Home Office Bike specifically cater to this purpose, providing distraction-free workouts.

How do I choose between a traditional under desk bike and an under desk elliptical?

The choice between a traditional bike and an elliptical depends on personal preference and comfort. Ellipticals, like the DeskCycle Ellipse, offer a smooth and low-impact experience, while traditional bikes, such as the LifePro 3-in-1 Under Desk Bike, may provide a more familiar cycling motion.

What maintenance is required for under desk bikes?

Under desk bikes typically require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning, checking for loose parts, and ensuring proper lubrication of moving components are recommended. Always refer to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines for specific instructions.

Is there a height requirement for using under desk bikes?

While most under desk bikes are designed to accommodate a variety of heights, users with exceptionally short or tall stature may need to consider the dimensions of the bike and their workspace. Adjustability features, like those in the Flexispot Home Office Bike, can be beneficial.


In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle within a modern, often sedentary, work environment, under desk bikes have become indispensable tools for staying active. By considering factors such as dual functionality, ease of assembly, noise level, portability, resistance levels, and multimedia integration, you can make an informed decision when selecting the under desk bike that best suits your needs.

Whether you’re prioritizing work efficiency, compact design, or multimedia engagement, the diverse options available cater to a range of preferences, ensuring that you can seamlessly integrate fitness into your daily routine. Choose wisely, stay active, and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle with your new under desk bike.

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